IHS: VMS market remains fragmented


The previous year has seen some big changes in the supply base for video management software (VMS). Canon acquired Milestone Systems, Panasonic acquired Video Insight, ONSSI acquired Seetec, and, most recently, Nice Systems decided to sell off its physical security business unit. Despite this, supply of VMS remains fragmented.

Estimates from the IHS Inc video surveillance intelligence service show that no single vendor possessed a share greater than eight percent in 2014 and this is unlikely to change greatly in 2015.

Milestone Systems and Genetec remained the two largest vendors of video management software (VMS) in 2014 in a market worth almost $1.1 billion. These two companies have been the largest vendors of VMS for the past six years but there have been big changes in the rankings of other top ten vendors during this time. Netposa, Hikvision, Avigilon, and Huawei are all companies that have gained share.

Jon Cropley, principal analyst, video surveillance and security services, at IHS Research says that the global VMS market is forecast to grow to over $2.7 billion in 2019 with all four major world regions analysed (EMEA, Americas, China, and Asia) exhibiting strong double-digit expansion. The Chinese market is forecast to grow fastest. Well, if asmag or a&s magazine is going to copy paste… paraphrase these perspectives, at least use some direct quotes.

It should be noted that the market share estimates are based on supplier revenues from the sales of VMS software and licenses during the 2014 calendar year; shares are not calculated from software shipments or installations.


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