Geovision to showcase world’s first Panoramic PTZ IP camera at Myanmar Security Expo


At the Myanmar Security Expo, Geovision Inc. will be presenting what is being marketed as the world’s first Panoramic PTZ IP camera, an IP camera equipped with two lenses in a single dome closure.

The Panoramic PTZ IP camera, has the model name GV-PPTZ7300;  the first P stands for Panoramic with a 5MP fisheye lens, and with an additional 2MP pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) 10x zoom lens module, all within a single dome closure. The design gives 360° full coverage with zoom-in capability, with one easy click of the mouse. This model according to Geovision is a genuine world first and has been U.S. patent allowed.

A further highly-anticipated IP camera is the Unicam Series, designed for a compact environment. The main camera unit can be placed away from the lens, for discreet and covert purposes. The series includes two small sized IP camera models; the GV-UNP2500 pinhole lens for indoor installations and the GV-UNFE2503 with fisheye lens and IR for outdoor installations. Both models feature a 2MP lens with a super low-lux CMOS image sensor to provide clear colour images with as little as 0.02 lux of lighting. The Unicam Series is especially suitable for covert surveillance in compact environments with variable lighting, such as ATMs, banks, police stations, hotels, and shops.

At the trade show, Geovision will also demo four new models that focus on the company’s aim to present higher resolution solutions, and reduced bit rates in H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Amongst them are the GV-BX12201 box camera and the GV-FER12203 fisheye camera, both in 12MP, the GV-BL5700 and GV-VD5700, are both in H.265.

Visitors to the booth will also see the latest developments in the cloud-centric surveillance solution, a full lineup of cloud-based IP cameras with a wide range of options, including models suitable for outdoor, indoor, night-vision, and Wifi applications.

This year at the show, Geovision will also debut a 1-door access control reader, the GV-CS1320. This all-in-one outdoor-rated reader has a built-in camera to provide 180° panorama view. It is super low-lux with minimum illumination requirements of only 0.02 lux, and is embedded with a powerful IR with effective distance of up to 3 metres. It is also equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio.

Another highlight at the show will be the incorporation of P-Iris technology to the IP camera line. Models featuring P-Iris are designed to automatically provide the best iris position for optimal image quality in all lighting conditions, and include the 5MP bullet GV-BL5311, 2MP fixed-dome GV-FD2510, and 5MP box GV-BX5300. Through the use of P-Iris, these models boast the ability of automatic and precise iris control to optimise image quality for improved contrast, clarity, resolution, and depth of field.

In addition to high efficiency video coding technology, GV-VMS v15.10 will include many advanced features, such as outdoor intelligent motion detection to decrease false alarms from natural motion (i.e. rain, snow, waves, motion of trees and grass, etc.). A heatmap feature will also be added to assist retail management in identifying hot zones. Another new feature for v15.10 will include support for camera corridor mode, integration with access control and LPR, and GPU decoding and GPU fisheye dewarping. As with the first release of the GV-VMS v14.10, the interface will be intuitive, simple, and clean. Compared to most DVR/NVR software, GV-VMS has added features such as customizable live and playback layout, live and playback of preview windows, drag-and-drop live channels, fisheye dewarp for individual channels, Windows service mode, multiple monitor support with customizable live view layout, and timeline playback.


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