ZKAccess announces free education on the benefits, installation and operation of biometric systems


ZKAccess, a leading provider of biometric and RFID security solutions, offers free education on the benefits, installation, operation and maintenance of biometric systems. Biometrics is here to stay and gains more notoriety each day. And with each year, biometrics becomes more comfortable and familiar to consumers. Many end users today, particularly iPhone & Galaxy phone users, are being exposed to fingerprint recognition technology and its many benefits. Savvy security professionals are choosing to proactively educate themselves on biometric best practices, rather than waiting for their clients to do it for them.

Biometric installation benefits

There are myriad benefits to biometric installations that dealers and integrators can leverage to deliver unsurpassed security to their clients Just some of the advantages include:

  • Fingerprint readers on computers mean never again worrying about forgetting your password or having it stolen.
  • Fingerprint readers on doors mean never again having to worry about accidentally getting locked out because you forgot your keys.
  • Fingerprint readers prevent employees from sharing their access keys/badges with unauthorised parties.
  • Face readers on doors mean hands-free door access for gloved workers (healthcare staff, construction workers, mechanics, etc.) as well as anyone whose hands are full while carrying boxes, packages, etc.
  • Face readers are ideal for prison guards who need door access while holding onto a prisoner with one hand.
  • Biometrics can safeguard dangerous electrical equipment (compactors, forklifts, etc.) from unauthorised start-up by requiring an authorised fingerprint before start up.
  • Biometrics reduces retail-shrink by preventing unauthorised access to cash rooms and stock rooms.
  • Biometrics can actually be a source of revenue for retailers by preventing employees from disposing of recyclables which store owners normally can sell to recycling companies.

ZKAccess’ three CEU-accredited course, Advanced Biometric Access Control, is designed to teach physical security integrators all they need to know to successfully migrate from traditional card access systems to biometrics. It provides in-depth knowledge on how biometrics works and explains the added security and convenience that biometrics provides. For more information on the next free ESA/BICSI accredited biometric security class.



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