Tamron releases motorized large zoom-ratio (34x) zoom lens


Tamron  announces the release of a 1/2″ 15-510mm F/3.0 Motorised Large Zoom-Ratio (34X) Zoom Lens (Model: M12ZG34X15IRPF).

Development concept

C-mount box-type cameras are in strong demand for day-and-night remote surveillance applications that monitor every corner of a wide area: border protection, water front / coastal safety, forest guard, and safety / protection at critical facilities such as airports and electric power plants.

For those applications, analog / SD cameras equipped with large zoom-ratio zoom lenses are widely deployed as a common industry-standard. Advances in high-resolution surveillance cameras, however, mandate compatible enhancement of resolution in large zoom-ratio zoom lenses.

Addressing the growing market needs, Tamron started selling 1/1.8″ 10-360mm F/1.6 motorised high image-quality, large zoom-ratio zoom lenses (Model: M118ZG36X10IRPF / M118ZG36X10IRP) on April 6, 2015. These lenses have gained outstanding market recognition for the superb lens quality to assure improved and effective wide-area surveillance. To address further requests from users and to extend the product portfolio, Tamron now announces the release of a new 1/2″ 15-510mm F/3.0 zoom lens (Model: M12ZG34X15IRPF), a telephoto-type lens attuned to surveillance for large-scale infrastructures, critical facilities and other wide-area applications.

Tamron, as an integrated lens manufacturer, aggressively develops distinguished lenses to meet various industry applications and user needs, seeking the highest level of optical performance and utility to deliver the ultimate quality in images.

Key features

1.  Compact lens with a focal length of 510mm

Lenses tend to become large in the aperture and barrel construction as the lens’s focal length is increased to extend the depth of surveillance. The lens, Model: M12ZG34X15IRPF, has been designed with an optimum balance between optical performance and lens size in mind. Compared with conventional lenses with the same focal distance, the lens offers distinct compactness, allowing the use of industry-standard camera housings or continued use of existing housings.

2.  High optical performance extending to the telephoto end

Wide-area surveillance such as border protection, coast safety, and forest guard, requires camera-monitoring over a wide and long-distance range, mandating the use of a large zoom-ratio lens that assures high image-quality and resolution throughout the entire zoom range. The new lens released this time assures a high-sensitivity of F/6.4 and a high-resolution of 2 mega-pixels up to the telephoto end (510mm) of the zoom range. The lens is compatible with an NIR (Near-IR) feature, for powerful day and night high image-quality surveillance.

3.  Defog feature

A fog-removal feature installed in the lens is particularly effective for using cameras at the telephoto end. When fogs develop and obscure views, image clarity lowers: fog’s water particles reflect and scatter visible light, hindering visibility. By engineering a filter to cut off visible light and capturing images in the NIR spectrum, images get enhanced in clarity, becoming less susceptible to the effect of fog.


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