Indian railways to install integrated surveillance system at five busiest stations


Indian railways is installing an integrated security system (ISS) at its five busiest stations, namely Agra cantt, Mathura, Allahabad, Kanpur  and Jhansi.  With the help of this new security system Indian Railways aims to maintain its surveillance on stations throughout the day with high resolution cameras that are capable of capturing clear images in both day and night.

The first station to get integrated security system is Agra cantt, which receives about 30 million passengers annually. Next in line will be Allahabad, Kanpur, Jhansi and Mathura stations.

The first phase of installations to be carried out as part of integrated security system shall include cameras, metal detectors and luggage x-ray scanners.

As shared by Bhupinder Dhillon, public relation officer of Agra division, a total of 54 cameras will be installed at Agra cantt which will monitor the entire station as well as the adjoining areas to station within the maximum range of 400 meters.

“The entire security system will be connected to one command control center, which will be managed by Railway Police Force personnel,” said Dhillon.

“Since Agra is major hub for tourism, where on average more than 220 trains makes halt per day including the ultra-luxurious trains such as The Maharaj express and The Deccan Odyssey, the ISS will be install by next month.”

Presently there are only six CCTV cameras fixed on high masts that are operational at the Agra cantt station and monitors four platforms and the parking area. The existing CCTV network at Agra cantt is managed by GRP personnel.


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