Geovision speed dome cuts install time by 30%

geovisionGeovision has rolled out a new type of speed dome that has been designed to cut installation time by 1/3, by introducing self-tapping screws, and with the dome weight less than 3kg (6.4lb) it is 35% lighter than its predecessor.

The new domes include the GV-SD2301 and GV-SD2411, 20x and 30x optical zoom, respectively. Rated IP67 weather-proof and IK10 vandal-resistant, these state-of-the-art models are also designed for extreme temperature tolerance -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ 158°F), making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor environments from an arctic climate to hot desert zones.

The GV-SD2301 and GV-SD2411 feature a 220° tilt angle for a wider area coverage compared to the traditional 180° tilt angle. The new IP speed domes are also equipped with covers that are protected with an anti-condensation coating for water resistance to maintain high visibility under rainy conditions. These models also feature a smaller case design for easy installation, with a 20% shorter vertical length and 35% lighter body in comparison to the previous generation of IP speed domes. To further enhance flexibility and ease of installation, the GV-SD2301 and GV-SD2411 also feature smart mounting technology and PoE compatibility.

For detailed video quality, the GV-SD2411 delivers 1080P high-resolution video stream at 60FPS, making it an excellent option for city surveillance. The GV-SD2301 can also support 60FPS in 720P. Each model also features WDR Pro technology to provide clear video under highly contrasting light intensities.


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