GKB safeguards Batangas Country Club in Philippines

Batangas Country ClubBatangas City, the capital of Batanga Province boasting a first class International Port has been and will always be the progressive Industrial Port City in Southern Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. Proud to carry the name, Batangas, Batangas Country Club is built and redesigned to be a first class, country-style resort with modern hotel facilities and a well secured residential village.

Batangas Country Club is a big and beautiful hotel and it needs wide and high resolution surveillance coverage to protect visitors. GKB Diplomat IP Cam uses a Linux NVR recording system and users can monitor the areas remotely through the internet.  The final system performs well enabling authorised staff to to monitor visitors’ safety with high-resolution images anytime and everywhere.

In this project, Batangas Country Club has installed the GKB 44624 and GKB 34624 720P CMOS megapixel sensors. Both the GKB 44624 and GKB 34624 have a cloud platform service and support 8 video streams. They also support two-way audio, DI/DO, and are PoE capable. GKB DA202 is an 8 port fast Ethernet PoE switch and the GKB DN3604 is 4bay Linux NVR able to record up to 36ch of 1080P from IP cams. The GKB DN3604 is also compatible with Onvif profile S and supports a cloud recording system.

The Linux NVR recording can be monitored remotely through the internet and provides high-quality images that users can view from many places and from different angles. The Executive areas, front desk, gym, and pathways can all be efficiently monitored. The GKB cloud platform combines high performance with simple operation and an intuitive interface to make security surveillance simple and effective.


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