GKB unveils Verifire warning system

10月國際版GKB Security is launching its new camera, Verifire, which integrates IVS technology as its most notable feature to detect flames and smoke. It can automatically analyse and filter incidents, just like human eyes and could save time and lives.

Traditional cameras focus on recording and relaying the video after the event, while Verifire aims to give customers “instant notification”.  Firstly, the 1080P camera can be used indoors and outdoors and it is an early-stage flame detection system which can notify alarms to the customers within 5~20 seconds.

Secondly, Verifire can save time when reconfirming. With the HD IP camera, the user can monitor the “real situation” as it happens. There is no need to go to the exact location in person, especially useful for large-scale companies and branch stores.

Last but not least, remote-control management is very crucial to surveillance. The NVR is able to instantly send the messages to customers and also to turn off the alarm sounders. Furthermore, Verifire is able to integrate with a third party VMS as it has been designed to comply with Onvif standards.

GKB indicates that Verifire is suitable for installation in many places with valuable and priceless assets for example, such as historic relics, warehouses, villas, schools, etc. The App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Market, which will give immediate notification. The motivation of the design is based on the idea that if we detect potential emergencies a second earlier, we can avoid many unnecessarily dangerous incidents.


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