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EtherWAN unveils DIN-Rail hardened ethernet switch supporting 6 fiber optic ports with high ESD Sustainability


EtherWAN announced the release of a new model, EX47026, from the EX47000 family, a Hardened DIN-mountable unmanaged Ethernet Switch supporting full wire speed throughput at 100Mbps, provides sophisticated fiber optic connectivity as many as 6 ports with SC or ST connectors. Continue reading EtherWAN unveils DIN-Rail hardened ethernet switch supporting 6 fiber optic ports with high ESD Sustainability

Milestone certifies EtherWAN as solution partner


EtherWAN Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial network solutions, announces the endorsement of Solution Partner by Milestone Systems, the leader in open platform IP surveillance video management software (VMS). EtherWAN has proven successful network integration of IT infrastructure components, access control and Milestone VMS in the large-scale IP surveillance scenario.
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EtherWAN announced latest Ethernet extenders over copper wires


EtherWAN Systems, Inc. has launched the ED3501 and ED3541 Ethernet Extenders. Both models provide excellent Ethernet Extension performance via single RJ11 cable or a pair of copper wires; the data transfer rate is able to reach 100Mbps at 300-meter point-to-point distance, and the maximum distance is up to 2600 meters with 1Mbps data rate.

EtherWAN’s new Ethernet Extenders are used in a pair, offering point-to-point data transmissions with longer distance, wider bandwidth and better performance.Besides, they provide flexible settings to adapt the user’s line quality. For instance, the auto detection of Local/Remote operation and symmetric/asymmetric data communication mode by DIP switch.

The ED3541 Hardened Ethernet extender, designed to work under rough zones in -40°C to 75°C operation temperature, features a DIN-rail form factor and Link Down Relay (LDR) function to perform stable reconnection when a port link-down occurs.

The compact ED3501 runs with either ED3501 or ED3541 to operate under -10°C to 60°C environments, i.e., factories or buildings without air-condition pampered. Rack-mount chassis EMC1600 is available for option when the ED3501 is installed in a rack. Alternatively, when compact DIN-rail mounting installation is preferred for the ED3501, the EMC400 is available for user’s choice.

Upgrading an existing legacy control or data communication system to a new IP-based solution is usually a complicated task, especially when existing cable infrastructure is old copper or twisted pair cable. EtherWAN offers a solution to this dilemma. The new ED3501 and ED3541 provide Ethernet connection and extension over these copper wire cables. Using Ethernet extenders is significantly lower in cost than replacing a cable plant and extends the life of your installed infrastructure. EtherWAN ED3501 and ED3541 are built specifically for industrial or harsh environments with high shock/vibration endurance, electrical noise immunity and ruggedized housing. Both models are now available for shipment.


EtherWAN systems assist hospital surveillance with reliable PoE connectivity


EtherWAN Systems, Inc., a leading Ethernet connectivity solution provider, works with a system integrator to implement Ethernet switches in an IP surveillance project for a regional medical center in Taiwan. To ensure stable video surveillance with simultaneous recording, monitoring, and archiving, the hospital decides to replace the previous analog CCTV system with a digital one. EtherWAN’s EX17082, EX17162 and EX17242 PoE switches provide 8, 16 and 24 PoE/PSE ports for powering up the newly-installed IP cameras over CAT.6 cables; each switch also features 2 Gigabit uplink ports for building-to-building communications throu fiber optic cables.

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